Cover Action Pro 2 for Adobe Photoshop (DVD FULL)
Cover Action Pro 2 for Adobe Photoshop (DVD FULL)

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120 Actions | 2 Hours Video Training | PSD Templates | 3.3 Gb

Cover Action Pro is a set of Adobe Photoshop Actions that enable you to create high-definition 3D product and ebook covers.


You'll find over 120 Photoshop Actions in 10 categories on this DVD. Everything from ebooks, binders, stationary, software boxes, and web graphics. Below you will find all the Actions contained on this one DVD.

Video training
Over 2 hours of Photoshop video training instructed by Mark Monciardini. Titles include, Using Templates, Saving for the Web, Working with Borders, Highlights and Shadows, Reflections, changing backgrounds and Combining Covers together to name a few.

Bundles and Courses
Upgrade to the EXTREME version of Cover Action Pro and make large product bundles and home study courses with these advanced Photoshop Actions. For the serious product developer.

Cover Action Pro 2 for Adobe Photoshop (DVD FULL)

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