Collection Brushes For Photoshop
Collection Brushes For PhotoshopCollection Brushes For Photoshop

Collection Brushes For Photoshop | 1.51Gb

Included in "The Bundle"

Concrete Brushes & Patterns - 54 seamlessly tiling patterns, 72 Photoshop brushes and concrete textures.

Cracks - 120 Hi-res crack brushes, for modeling and texturing.

Cracks II - 71 New photoshop crack brushes, with cracked and crumbling plaster walls, paint, rock,
superfine hairline cracks and some special brushes of glass, along with dirt & grit overlays.

Darkside Backgrounds (1 & 2 in .psd) - 10 Horror and grunge backgrounds, created with multiple layers (as many as 10 to 15 layers),
overlaided with different blend modes & blending options.

Fog - 69 Professional fog brushes. Easily simulate a wide variety of atmospheric effects to create a mood,
or atmosphere, to inspire a range of feelings from solitude to serenity

Grunge - 75 Hi-res grunge brushes make it easy to add creative touches to any surface.

Grunge Edges (Plus Bonus Grunge Overlay) - 101 brushes used to create crackles, spots, faded areas and fine detail.
This set also includes 8 Bonus Grunge Overlys.

Hi-Tech Cityscape - 84 Photoshop brushes of industrial and architecture structures, used to create the look of hi-tech detail quickly.

Nuts, Bolts & Holes - 167 brushes of nuts bolts & holes, with some additional extras.

Rusty Metal (Brushes and Layer Styles) - 75 Hi-res photoshop brushes of highly detailed rusted metal, with 33 layer styles.

Sci-Fi Brushes - 75 Highly detailed Photoshop brushes with a decidedly Sci-Fi flavor.

Scratches (Large & Small Sets) - 74 Hi-res photoshop brushes of real scratches, for backgrounds, texturing and modeling.

Skulls - 64 highly detailed skull brushes used to create mountains of skulls in seconds.

Skulls II - 55 more skulls to add to your library. These fantastic brushes will give you the cutting edge in your designs and renders.

Smoke - 70 Highly detailed Photoshop brushes of smoke.

Smoke 2 - 55 Hi-res Photoshop brushes of real smoke, this is the second smoke set and will compliment the first.

Splashes - 50 Hi-res Photoshop brushes of splashes, with which you can create dirt, snow, make-up, blood, stains
and of course water effects. Layer Styles are also included.

Splash 2 - Hi-res highly detail Photoshop brushes of more splashes, to complement the "Splashes" pack.

Stains, Splatters Drips & Washes - 69 Hi-res Photoshop brushes featuring "Stains Splatters Drips & Washes"
Photoshop layer styles are also included in this package!

Water - 59 Hi-res Photoshop brushes of water, bubbles, splashes, drips, splatters, foam, water drops and etc.

Wings of Water (including Wings of Wings) - 142 brushes Featuring water splashes, suggesting wings, along with extra details.


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