GraphicRiver - Freelance Starter Documents Kit
GraphicRiver - Freelance Starter Documents Kit

This document design templates are in A4 paper format ISO International Standards. If you are freelance web/graphic designer, article writer or marketer, you will probably need these documents to apply for gigs. You can edit the dummy contents inside the document templates, customize them to match your needs, save them as JPG or PDF and attach them to your online job applications. Your client can receive them online and print them on their home or office printer to hold hard copies. The document templates set include:

Project Proposal Document (3 pages)
Project Quotation Document (1 page)
Project Invoice Document (1 page)
Blank Page Template at 300 DPI (1 page)

Separated PSD files for every single page, large and detailed separated HELP files are included. Note, that these templates are not created for Industrail Prints at 300DPI. I have updated the package now with additional Blank Page Template at 300 dpi, so you can use it as base for further printed documents production such as corporate stationery. Buyers that already purchaised the package, you can now redownload the updated documents kit.

Size: 6,3 mb

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