MediaLoot - Web Image Masks
MediaLoot - Web Image Masks

MediaLoot - Web Image Masks
This resource utilises a technique called “PNG Masking” to create some really cool borders for images on the web. The technique involves using HTML and CSS to layer a transparent .png file on top of other image files to filter them.
Included in the pack you will find a demo .html file with 20 preset image masks (5 uniques styles and 4 different sizes), and the source PSD file for edits.
The preset sizes included are: Large: 960 x 540 px | Medium: 640 x 360 px | Small: 320 x 180 px | Thumbnail: 100 x 100 px
PSD + PNG + HTML | 26.9 Mb

Download free MediaLoot - Web Image Masks:

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