Cube Box Display Mockup
Cube Box Display Mockup

Cube Box Display Mockup
1 PSD | 3000x2250 | 144.4 Mb

3D Cube/Box display mockup. Use it to showcase images in a more creative, interesting way or when you want to give flat images a more 3D look and feel.

Fully layered, moveable, editable with several wood background styles and two grunge overlays. Easy to edit, insert your image into the smart object, reposition if needed, and choose a background that compliments your image. You can also use a white background or your own custom background. A layer is provided to change the tint color of the cube sides to better match your image for added depth.

-Easy to edit
-Fully layered
-Realistic with added depth of field and shading for your image
-Multiple background styles (6 wood, 2 grunge overlays)
-High resolution 3000x2250px 300 DPI

If the link is dead - let me know in pm

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