Complete Beauty Lab Image Expert
Complete Beauty Lab Image Expert

Complete Beauty Lab Image Expert
ATN + PDF guide | 6 Mb

This package contains properly studied, experimented and mastered actions that can professionally soften the skin, remove blemishes, cross balance, even the overall portrait colors, whiten the eyes, render four iris colors, whiten teeth, do make-ups (pigment, eye shadow, and pancake), and sharpen all the vital details. With this pack, you can professionally edit any type of image in less than 5 minutes without going through the usual photo editing stress. Work faster, complete your projects on-time, and serve your clients better (meet-up deadlines). You will love this package… try it and see!

Complete Beauty Lab Image Expert

-Skin softener (solution one)
-Skin color processor (solution two)
-Eyes therapy (solution three)
-Lips shine (solution four)
-Overall makeup (solution five)
-Teeth whitening (solution six)
-Skin sharpening (solution seven)
-Render final image (solution eight)
-Render print ready – CMYK

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