Studio Pro HDRI (Complete collection)
Studio Pro HDRI (Complete collection)

HDRI-Studio provides unique, real professional photo studio lighting environments for your computer graphics models.Combining the specialist skills of experienced still-life photographers with state-of-the-art, High Dynamic Range imaging, you can now have the
ultimate in photorealism. You no longer have to worry about incongruous reflections in shiny surfaces or struggle for realistic lighting. Everything is exactly as it should be.

Lighting for general product renders ranging using strip soft box setups for tall glass bottles through to cubic tents – ideal for chrome or highly reflective objects. Hexagonal and rectangular soft boxes are also available for even greater versatility.

For a touch of real colour, use one of our photographic gel combinations available with hexagonal and regular softboxes.

Versatile, high dynamic range abstract images aquired using sophisticated techniques from studio lighting. Ideal for reflection mapped objects where you need focussed hot spots visible in the reflections or refractions.

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